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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage: Astrid Salinas
Picture of Astrid Salinas



Astrid Salinas is a senior at Asheboro High School who plans to attend college and study computer science. She is inspired by her father, who works with technology, and she says that technology is the future. Astrid is also a student ambassador and a Mu Alpha Theta math honor society member.


Astrid and her family moved here from Honduras two years ago. Before that, Astrid lived in Mexico for a few years. She says that moving to different places has taught her how to have an open mind to new things and different perspectives. She has enjoyed making friends here in Asheboro, and she says that when you connect with people, language is not a barrier. This is shown through her connection with her best friend Kim, who is from Korea and speaks a different language as well. They first used a translation app to communicate, but they promised each other they would continue to learn English to be able to communicate with one another and that’s what they did!


When asked about Hispanic Heritage Month, Astrid stated, "When I arrived here, I learned about it, and I love it. We can represent who we are."


She also says this month can be used for Americans to learn more about Hispanic Heritage. She believes it can also be used to inspire others, and finds it exciting to be able to represent her culture and to see others represent their cultures as well. Astrid’s favorite part of her culture, aside from the food, is how expressive her people are and their effort to achieve a better life.

We are so glad to have Astrid as part of our ACS family and we wish her luck on the rest of her senior year!