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Board of Education Approves Calendar Revisions

Last Thursday, the Asheboro City Board of Education approved revisions to the 2020-2021 district calendar affecting remote instruction days for this academic year. The revisions have pushed up the originally planned remote instruction days from October 23, November 3, February 15, and May 3 to October 14, 21, and 28. The November 3 date remains the same as it’s Election Day and two of our schools serve as polling locations.

Remote instruction days were required to be designated in the district’s calendar per legislation passed by the North Carolina General Assembly this past summer. This was the first time in our district’s history we were mandated to include remote instruction days into the calendar. We believe this was to help school districts perfect remote instruction in the event schools had to close again due to COVID-19.When we added remote instruction days to our calendar, we had not yet made the decision to move to Plan C - all remote learning.

At this point, the district has been engaging students through remote learning since the start of the school year. Therefore if we do not have to use these days in the spring, we would rather not have to so that we may truly maximize our face-to-face instructional time. By adding these remote instruction days in October, we are providing time for our elementary school teachers to plan for ACCESS Ed students during the first two weeks they are operating in Plan A.

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