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June 4th and 5th End of Year Things - Pick up you things and get 2 free books!

June 4th and 5th End of Year Things:

The building will be open to students (or a parent for a student) to come and pick up personal belongings from lockers and classrooms on June 4th and 5th, and to return any classroom or school materials like library or teacher books.

If you are picking up a yearbook, come on June 5th only.

Each student will also be able to come and pick out 2 FREE BRAND NEW BOOKS to read over the summer!! We have a wide variety, and photos included in the post!

This is also the same day as 8th grade graduation, so please see the schedule in the image for when we are asking your students to come to NAMS. We are asking everyone to follow the schedule below based on the first letter of your last name. If you are not able to come when your group is scheduled, that is okay - you should still drop in to get your things and select books - but coming during the time slots will help with safe social distancing practices for families and staff.

Please drive around to the bus circle to enter the building. 8th grade graduation will be at the main entrance, and we are asking 8th grade families to go to the front of the school, then drive around to the bus circle to come in and get any belongings/pick out books after participating in the drive-through graduation

Thank you so much for working with us this school year! Please contact the school if you have any questions!


Photos of books we have available!





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