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ACS Vehicles Begin Sporting New Look


ASHEBORO - Last week, service vehicles used by the Asheboro City Schools Facilities and Maintenance Department, have begun sporting a new look! We guarantee you will know who they belong to when you see them rolling through town thanks to the district’s  new Director of Facilities and Maintenance, Mr. Chris Scott.

“I think it’s important for our staff to take pride in their work and where they work,” said Scott. “This is why I thought it would be a good idea to place the district’s logo on a number of our pick ups and box trucks. In addition to making our vehicles ‘look’ better, they also provide a cohesive and professional look for our entire fleet. This is important for employee morale and pride,” he added.

In partnership with Beane Signs, the district was able to make Mr. Scott’s idea, a reality. Now, the district’s fleet of nine service vehicles has the district’s logo and tagline displayed. While professionalism and cohesion are important, what’s just as important is for our community to know who our people are when they are needed.

“While a by-product may be uplifting my team and having them take pride in our work, it’s even more important that our customers know who we are when we show up. Think about it - are you going to trust someone to do work at your house in a nondescript vehicle, or are you more inclined to trust them if they have their business name prominently displayed? Probably the latter,” said Scott.

Whether you are visiting a school or driving through downtown be sure to throw up a hand and let our Facilities and Maintenance team know you see and appreciate them. This hard working group ensures our facilities are well-maintained and our grounds well-kempt.

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