Teacher Leadership Academy

Working hand in hand with McREL, Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has adopted a program of teacher evaluation that includes five standards.  The first standard and the focus of the Asheboro City Schools Teacher Leadership Academy is standard one - "Teachers demonstrate leadership."  This standard is further broken down into five elements:
  • Element A: Teachers lead in their classrooms.
  • Element B: Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school.
  • Element C: Teachers lead the teaching profession.
  • Element D: Teachers advocate for schools and students.
  • Element E: Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards.

Program Outline

Each cohort of Asheboro City Schools Teacher Leadership Academy will participate in eight days of professional development with the first being a day in July and the others being instructional days during the academic year.  Participants will be involved in individual and group work beyond these eight sessions. 

Academy Vision and Goals

Vision: The Asheboro City Schools Teacher Leadership Academy will be a collaborative framework for professional learning activities to improve teacher practice and student learning.


  1. Build leadership skills and capacity among all teachers
  2. Improve professional practice.
  3. Develop a culture of shared accountability and responsibility for the success of the school and the district.
  4. Demonstrate ethical principals and uphold the code of ethics and standards for professional conduct.
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