Asheboro City Schools Responds to COVID-19
ACS is continuing to work with public health officials to monitor the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. At this time, all public schools are closed to students by Executive Order from Governor Roy Cooper for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Below is a link to our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources webpage. We will update this information everyday by 7 p.m. 

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Parent Engagement

Board Policies

Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy Code 1320-3560      Spanish 
The board of education believes that the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between the home and the school. Parents are their children's first teachers; therefore, the continued involvement of parents in the educational process is most important in fostering and improving educational achievement. School system officials shall strive to support parents and provide parents with opportunities to become involved in the programs offered by the Title I schools. The board encourages parents to participate in the design and implementation of the programs and activities in order to increase the effectiveness of the school system's Title I program in helping students meet state and local achievement standards.

Parent Involvement Policy Code 1310-4002      Spanish
The board recognizes the critical role of parents in the education of their children and in the schools. The board directs school administrators to develop programs that will promote and support parental involvement in student learning and achievement at school and at home and encourage successful progress toward graduation. Each parent is encouraged to learn about the educational program, the educational goals and objectives of the school system, and his or her own child's progress. The board also encourages parents to participate in activities designed by school personnel to involve them, such as parent conferences, in order to encourage effective communication. 

The board directs each principal or designee to develop a parental involvement plan as a part of the school improvement plan. This plan must include, at a minimum, efforts that meet the requirements established in this policy. In addition, the plan must include ways to enhance parental involvement in the following areas:
  1. meaningful two-way communication between home and school;
  2. promotion of responsible parenting;
  3. involvement of parents and guardians in student learning;
  4. promotion of volunteering;
  5. involvement of parents and guardians in school decisions that affect children and families;
  6. parental training;
  7. community collaboration; and
  8. promotion of student health awareness.
This policy applies to the parents, legal guardians and legal custodians of students who are under 18 years old and are not married.
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