2021-2022 School Opening
Masks continue to be required in Asheboro City Schools and we are utilizing a number of practices to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. For more information, please see our School Opening Update.

Anime/Manga Club

Anime & Manga Club
The Anime & Manga club meets once (Thursdays) to twice (Tuesdays) weekly, depending on the season/interest, in room 269 (or 252, on rare occasions). This club has morphed from students interested in anime/manga and learning Japanese culture, to students interested in these and all things geeky/nerdy.
We enjoy watching and drawing anime/fiction, writing fanfic, participating in cosplay, and socializing. Our interests run from any and all anime/manga to Dr. Who to Star Wars and Star Trek to…you get the idea! If you are into these kinds of things, this club is for you!  

Faculty Advisors:
Timothy Horsley [email protected]
Tina Dunn [email protected]

Student Officers:
President: Juanita Ledwell
Vice President: Christian Eanes
Activities Coordinators: Patricia Rich, Julianna Williams
Secretary: Jamal Bolanos

Fees: None

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