School Social Workers

School Social Workers are trained professionals who provide a link between the home, school and community through support services that positively impact the development of the whole child. School Social Workers engage the school, family, teachers and/or community in a problem-solving process to promote positive change and eliminate barriers to learning. School Social Workers receive referrals from the community, parents, school staff, and students when students display poor attendance, failing grades, effects of family crisis and/or emotional and behavioral concerns. 

Each school has an assigned School Social Worker to assist as needed.

Asheboro City Schools Social Workers:

Tena Lester, BA, MSW, LCSW, LSSW
Lead Social Worker and Student Special Assignments
Central Office (336) 625-5104

Lisa C. Cheek, BSW
Asheboro High School (336) 625-6185

Judy Ebanks, BSW, Certified School Social Worker
Charles W. McCrary Elementary School (336) 629-1817
Donna Lee Loflin Elementary School (336) 625-1685
Lindley Park Elementary School (336) 625-6226

Jeffrey A. Melberger
North Asheboro High School (336) 672-1900
South Asheboro High School (336) 629-4141

Jennifer Page, BS
Guy B. Teachey Elementary School (336) 625-4163
Balfour Elementary School (336) 672-0322
Early Childhood Development Center (336) 672-6636

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