Health Conditions and Forms

Health Assessments and Immunizations

Commonly-used forms and information:
Allergy Action Plan  English Spanish
Asthma Action Plan English  Spanish
Information Release Form English Spanish
Seizure Action Plan English Spanish
Self-Carry Medication Contract English Spanish
Student Illness Policy (ACS policy)
Diabetes Type I  (to be completed by family and physician)
Diabetes Type II (to be completed by family and physician)
Physician Authorization for Medications at School (to be completed by a medical provider)
Special Nutritional Needs for Students
Sports Physical Form

In order to enroll in school, parents must submit the following health information.

a. Health Assessment Form:
Students who are enrolling for the first time in North Carolina public schools (kindergarten or otherwise) must submit the following health assessment form within the first 30 days of enrollment. 
            English - Health Assessment Form 
            Spanish:  Forma de Evaluación de Salud
b. Immunization requirements:

Administering Medication at School

If your child requires medication at school, the following procedures are in place and the following forms must be submitted to your school nurse:


Food allergies

If your child requires a special diet at school, please submit the following form to your school nurse: