Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives of the Educational Program 3000      


Curriculum Development, Delivery and Evaluation

Curriculum Development 3100
Dual Enrollment 3101
Online Instruction  3102
Innovation in Curriculum and Instruction 3110
Curriculum and Instructional Guides 3115
Lesson Planning 3120
Grouping for Instruction 3130
Homework 3135
Evaluation of Instructional Programs 3140


Instructional Materials

Selection of Instructional Materials 3200
Parental Inspection and Objection to Instructional Materials 3210
Technology in the Educational Program 3220
Student Information System Acceptable Use 3221
 Internet Safety 3226/4205
3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use English Spanish
Web Page Development 3227/7322 
3230/7330 Copyright Compliance English Spanish


Time for Learning

School Calendar and Time for Learning 3300
School Trips 3320


Student Performance

Evaluation of Student Progress                                             3400
Students At-Risk of Academic Failure 3405
3410 Testing and Assessment Program English Spanish
3420 Student Promotion and Accountability English Spanish
School Improvement Plan 3430
Conflict Resolution 3431
Recognizing Excellence 3440
Class Rankings 3450
3460 Graduation Requirements English Spanish
3470/4305 Alternative Learning Programs English Spanish


Special Curriculum Objectives

Religious-Based Exemptions from School Programs 3510
3520 Special Education Programs/Rights of Disabled Students English Spanish         
Citizenship and Character Education 3530
Comprehensive Health Education Program 3540
1320/3560 Title I Parent and Family Engagement English Spanish
3565/8307 Title I Program Comparability of Services English Spanish


Services and Activities to Support the Educational Program

3610 Counseling Program English Spanish
3620 Extracurricular Activities and Student Organizations English Spanish