Section 6000 Support Services

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Support Services

Support Services 6000

Student Health Services

Goals of Student Health Services 6100
Organization of the Student Health Services 6110
6120 Student Health Services English Spanish
6125 Administering Medicines to Students English Spanish
Emergency Epinephrine Auto-Injector Devices 5024/6127/7266
 Automated External Defibrillator 5028/6130/7267
6140 Student Wellness English Spanish
4270/6145 Concussion and Head Injury  English Spanish
Head Lice 6150

School Food Services

6200 Goals of School Nutrition Services English Spanish
Organization of School Nutrition Services 6210
Operation of School Nutrition Services 6220
Free and Reduced Price Meal Services 6225
6230 School Meal and Competitive Food Standards English Spanish

Student Transportation Services

Goals of Student Transportation Services 6300
6305 Safety and Student Transportation Services English Spanish
6306 School Bus Idling English Spanish
Organization of Student Transportation Services 6310
6315 Drivers English Spanish
6320 Use of Student Transportation Services English Spanish
6321 Bus Routes English Spanish
6322 Student Assignment to Buses English Spanish
Parking Areas for Students 6325
Insurance for Student Transportation Services 6330
Use of Private Vehicles for School-Related Purposes 6335
6340 Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts English Spanish

Purchasing Function

Goals of the Purchasing Function 6400
Ethics and the Purchasing Function 6401
Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses 6402
Organization of the Purchasing Function 6410
Contracts with the Board 6420
Pre-Audit Certification 6421
Continuing Contracts 6425
State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6430
Local Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6440
Bidders’ List 6441/9121
Vendor Lists 6442
6450 Purchase of Services English Spanish

Equipment, Materials and Supplies

Goals of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services 6500
Organization of Equipment, Materials and Supplies Services 6510
Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6520
Personal Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies 6521
Use of Equipment, Materials and Supplies by Nonschool Groups 6522
6524 Network Security English Spanish
Instructional Materials Services 6525
Resource Conservation 6530
Hazardous Materials 6540
Vandalism 6550
Disposal of Surplus Property 6560
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