Section 4000 STUDENTS

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Student Focus

Focus on Students 4000                  
4001 Equal Educational Opportunities English Spanish
1310/4002 Parental Involvement English Spanish
Translating Policies for Students and Families  4003
Student and Parent Grievance Procedure 1740/4010
1710/4021/7230 Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment, including Bullying and Hazing English Spanish
Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedure
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities 1730/4022/7231
Education for Pregnant and Parenting Students 4023
4040/7310 Staff-Student Relations  EnglishSpanish 
Children of Military Families 4050 

Admission and Assignment 

4100 Age Requirements for Initial Entry English Spanish               
4110 Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission English Spanish
Behavior Standards for Transfer Students 4115
4120 Domicile or Residence Requirements English Spanish
Transfer of Students to Other School Districts 4125
4126 Homeless Students  English Spanish
Discretionary Admission 4130
Tuition for Discretionary Admissions 4135
4150 School Assignment English Spanish
4155 Assignment to Classes English Spanish


1510/4200/7270 Student Safety                                                                                English Spanish
4201/7271 Injury and Loss Prevention English Spanish
Service Animals in Schools  4202/5029/7272 
Internet Safety 3226/4205
4210 Release of Students from School English Spanish
Student Insurance Program 4220
Communicable Diseases - Students 4230
4240/7312 Child Abuse - Reports and Investigations  English Spanish
4250/5075/7316 North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program   SpanishEnglish
Student Sex Offenders  4260
4270/6145 Concussion and Head Injury English Spanish

Student Behavior

Student Behavior Policies 4300                   
Authority of School Personnel 4301
School Plan for Management of Student Behavior 4302
3470/4305 Alternative Learning Programs English Spanish
Disciplinary Action for Students with Disabilities 4307                      
Integrity and Civility
3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use
English Spanish
Disruptive Behavior 4315
Student Dress Code  4316 
Use of Wireless Communication Devices 4318
Student Use of Tobacco Products 4320
Drugs and Alcohol 4325
Theft, Trespass and Damage to Property 4330
Assaults, Threats and Harassment 4331
4333 Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats and Clear Threats to Safety English Spanish
4335 Criminal Behavior English Spanish
4340 School Level Investigations English Spanish
Parental Involvement in Student Behavior Issues 4341
Student Searches 4342
Student Discipline Records 4345
4351 Short-Term Suspension English Spanish
Removal of Student During the Day 4352
4353 Long-Term Suspension, 365 Days Suspension, Expulsion English Spanish
Appeals of Consequences No Greater Than Short-Term Suspension 4360
Requests for Readmission of Students Suspended for 365 Days or Expelled 4362
Student Discipline Hearing Procedures 4370


4400 Attendance English Spanish

Student Fees 

Student Fees 4600

Student Records

4700 Student Records  English Spanish
Confidentiality of Personal Identifying Information  4705/7825 
Surveys of Students 4720
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