Section 1000 Governing Principles

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Legal Status and Authority of the Board

Legal Status of the Board and School District 1000
Board Authority and Duties 1010

Governing Principles and Goals

Governing Principles 1100
1200 Governing Principle -- Student Success English Spanish
1300 Governing Principle -- Parental Involvement English Spanish
1310/4002 Parental Involvement English Spanish
1320/3560 Title I Parent and Family Engagement English Spanish
1400 Governing Principle -- School Initiatives English Spanish
Governing Principle -- Safe, Orderly and Inviting Environment 1500
1510/4200/7270 Student Safety English Spanish
Identification Card System 1520
Governing Principle -- Professional Development 1600
1610/7800 Professional and Staff Development English Spanish
Governing Principle -- Overcoming Barriers 1700
1710/4021/7230 Prohibition Against Discrimination and Harassment, including Bullying and Hazing English Spanish
Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedure 1720/4015/7225
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disabilities 1730/4022/7231
Student and Parent Grievance Procedure 1740/4010
Responding to Complaints 1742/5060
Grievance Procedure for Employees 1750/7220
Prohibition Against Retaliation 1760/7280
Governing Principle -- Stewardship of Resources 1800
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