About ACS

Asheboro City Schools is the perfect size community school system – large enough to offer students and staff many opportunities, yet small enough to know each other well. We have approximately 4,600 students with five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. We also have a five-star pre-school program and an alternative Learning Center for students that need a special setting to learn. Our Board of Education believes in community schools and embraces the philosophy of small learning communities with a personal touch. As our five elementary schools feed into our two middle schools, we all become “Blue Comets” with a great sense of school pride and enthusiasm. We enjoy tremendous community support and are fortunate to have a community that sets high expectations for our schools and our students. 

District Enrollment
= 4,485* 

White                  30.1%
Black                  14.2%
Hispanic            48.8%
Asian                  1.6%
Multi-Racial       5.1%

*as of September 26, 2018

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